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How it works.

The Swissoctopus platform enables you to materialize an idea, concept, or a detailed design of a customized part for your hobby boat, yacht or a fleet of yachts.

ThinkDesign. Make.

Your idea can range from a pure concept to a detailed CAD design. We can help you define it. We employ advanced reverse-engineering capabilities and 3D scanning for parts you wish to reproduce, upgrade or fit into surroundings.

Think. Design. Make.

Using advanced modeling which wholly embraces 3D printing manufacturing techniques, we will create a virtual part for you to review.

Think. Design. Make.

Certified manufacturers in our network guarantee the highest quality of their workmanship.

Materials can range from simple ABS or PLA plastic, epoxy, carbon fiber, to ceramics, aluminum and stainless steel. Upon request, using CNC manufacturing methods, we can even provide parts made of teak, mahogany or marble.

Client: “I would like a holder for a Torqeedo battery. I sketched the idea in the attachment.”

ThinkDesign. Make.

Based on this input our engineers designed the solution

Think. Design. Make.

After confirmation the design was materialized and delivered to the client

Think. Design. Make.

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  • 2.Tell us about your idea and desired outcome.

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    Draw a scheme on a piece of paper and take a picture with your smartphone.
    Print the TENTACLE (our digital card) on an A4 sheet, place it next to the part or its location, then take photos from various angles.
    Upload photos of the part, or the space where you want the part to be installed.
    Describe the part’s function (Is it exposed to sun? Sea spray or underwater? What amount of force should it withstand? Is it only a decorative item or a fully functional part?).
    Specify part color (RAL or descriptive) and material (plastic, fiber or metal).
    Based on your input regarding function, we will propose the exact material for you – our supply chain contains dozens of materials, ranging from widely used ABS to high end composites and stainless or aluminum alloys.
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